By Kevin M Brown, DMD, PC
May 08, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: braces   orthodontics  

Crooked teeth don't just detract from a person's appearance; they can also trap food in hard-to-reach places, leading to decay. That's braceswhy Dr. Kevin Brown, Dr. Erin Deedy-Lee and Dr. Mahshid Bahadoran, your dentists in Ayer, MA, recommend braces to any patient who is dealing with alignment issues. That's right... braces aren't just for teenagers anymore! Read on to discover why braces can make a difference in your smile regardless of your age.


The American Academy of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that parents have their children's teeth evaluated for alignment issues no later than 7 years old. That's not to say that your child will immediately have braces put on; permanent teeth are still growing in at this time. However, your Ayer dentist can evaluate the growth patterns of your child's teeth and determine if it's necessary to start preparing for braces. Children with severe crowding of the teeth or overbites, for example, need to have tooth extractions or expanders to start correcting these problems before they become difficult to treat.


According to dental industry experts at Oral-B, the optimal time to have braces put on is between the ages of 10 and 14 years old. That's because most if not all of the permanent teeth are typically grown in, but their placement can still be easily manipulated into the right position with orthodontic devices. They're also old enough to handle the dietary restrictions and mild discomfort associated with adjusting the braces.


It's a surprising statistic, but nonetheless true: The AAO has found that one in five patients who are wearing braces is an adult. The options for treating dental alignment problems has grown to include clear or white braces and removable aligners, all of which your Ayer dentist offers as a way to straighten your teeth without sacrificing your appearance.

To learn more about how braces can improve dental health, contact Kevin M. Brown DMD & Associates inAyer, MA, to schedule a consultation for yourself or your child today!