By Kevin M. Brown, DMD and Associates
January 30, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Learn some helpful tips for how to keep both your smile and your braces healthy.braces

Did you just recently get braces? While the process may feel a little overwhelming at first we know that you will settle right into a routine. Of course, the first step is to create a routine when it comes to caring for your smile with braces. If you have traditional bracket-and-wire braces you may have questions about how to care for them. Our Ayer, MA, dentists have some tips for properly maintaining a healthy smile with braces.

How to Brush and Floss

As you may already know, brushing and flossing your teeth when you have braces is certainly much different, and making sure you care for your teeth and gums is now even more important when wearing braces. You’ll need to take a bit more time with your oral routine to make sure you are cleaning your mouth effectively. Of course, it’s important to be gentle and careful around your braces so you don’t damage or break them.

It’s also imperative that you brush after every meal since food can easily get trapped in your braces, which can increase how much plaque builds up on your teeth and gums. Flossing between meals is also another wonderful way to remove food that might be stuck between teeth or in the wiring of your braces. Opt for floss that is safe for orthodontics and easy to snake through braces. You never want to floss too aggressively, as this can also damage your orthodontic treatment.

Take a Look at Your Diet

Our Ayer general dentists will provide you with a list of foods that you will need to stay away from while wearing braces. In essence, you’ll want to avoid any foods that are hard, crunchy, sticky or chewy. Foods like gummy bears, hard breads, corn on the cob, hard pretzels and taffy could pull at braces or break them off. Chewing gum is also to be avoided during your treatment.

Protect Your Braces

If you play on a sports team you can still play while wearing braces but you’ll want to wear a mouth guard to protect it from damage. Not only are mouth guards recommended for protecting teeth from being cracked, dislodged or knocked out but they can serve to protect your orthodontic investment, as well.

Do you have questions about braces? Are you curious to find out if orthodontics is right for you? Then call our Ayer, MA, dental office today to schedule an appointment and get your questions answered.